Time to start your sweet career.

Do you want to learn how to make pastries like you see in Chef Amaury Guichon’s social media or in his Netflix TV-show (School of Chocolate) ? Get a head start on your career in the pastry industry and enroll to The Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon today.

Head Instructor and Co-Founder

Amaury Guichon

Now is the time to start your sweet career. After seventeen years of devoting my life fully to the pastry industry I’ve decided to open my very first pastry school! I have spent the last seven years traveling the world learning from different cultures and teaching high-level pastry skills, it was now time to do something great in the place I call home, Las Vegas. I want to put my life experience in the pastry industry to work for everyone else who would like to learn the fundamental and advanced skills of this beautiful craft with an intensive ten-week program covering all bases: pastry, plated dessert, chocolate, ice-cream, danish, bread, candy and chocolate showpieces. Starting from the beginning and going all the way to more advanced skills, you will have everything you need to start your sweet new career! I look forward to meeting you.

The Academy

Curriculum Overview

Your journey at The Pastry Academy will take you from the classroom to the kitchen where you will master the technical and practical skills necessary to create world class pastries, chocolates, danishes, confectionery, breads, and plated desserts. Not only will you gain hands on practical knowledge, you will graduate with a thorough understanding of the chemistry and theory behind the art of pastry so that you can utilize your knowledge to create original desserts and take your career as far as you are willing to go.


Las Vegas, NV

Course Length

10 Weeks

Class Size

20 Students


To be the best requires using the best equipment and ingredients. The Pastry Academy has partnered with many great companies to allow students to learn on the best equipment and with the highest quality ingredients.

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