The Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon is open! To ensure the health and safety of our students we are taking every possible precaution to exceed health and safety standards.


We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, NV at The Pastry Academy.


We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, NV at The Pastry Academy.

Enrollment Open - Apply Today

Please select which semester you’d like to apply to, then click the Apply Now Button. Complete and submit our online application and we will be in touch shortly.

Note that we offer 5 sessions/long term programs per year; all presently offered programs are shown on the website, if you do not see the session you are searching for, subscribe to our newsletter to receive Academy’s updates. *additional sessions will open in the following months
Oct 10 – Dec 16
Jan 02 – Mar 10
Mar 13 – May 19
May 22 – Jul 28
August 2023

August 2023 Application Form

The Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon

Jul 31 – Oct 06
October 2023

October 2023 Application Form

The Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon

Oct 09 – Dec 15

Enrollment Process

1. Complete Online Application

Join our waiting list to ensure that you are the first to know when enrollment begins. Prospective students on the waiting list will be notified of open enrollment before anyone else.

2. Receive Acceptance/Re-Apply Letter

We will send you an email containing a link to the Enrollment page where you can fill out your application for our review.

3. Pay Tuition Deposit

After receiving your Acceptance letter, you must pay your tuition deposit ($2,000 USD) within 3 days (note that deposits are non-refundable). Follow the link above to complete that step in the process. If you do not pay your deposit within 3 days your seat is not reserved and is offered to the next person on the waiting list.

4. Receive Confirmation Email

You should receive an email from our payment processor almost immediately containing a receipt for your deposit payment. Within days of completing your payment you will receive an email from The Pastry Academy confirming your seat has been reserved for the semester you applied to.

5. Pay Remaining Tuition Balance

After receiving your email confirming your seat has been reserved at The Pastry Academy, our Academy Coordinator will reach out to you directly with instructions on how to pay the remaining balance of your tuition. Tuition must be paid in full through wire transfer no later than 60 days prior to the day of your first class.

6. Take The Class!

After completing the above steps, there is nothing left to do but come to The Pastry Academy! We are excited to see you in Las Vegas, NV for our 10 week 400 hour immersive class. Our Academy Director of Operations is available to help all enrolled and accepted students for their upcoming adventure.

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