Director of International Operations

Fiona Guichon

Fiona Guichon has dedicated the past 5 years to the management of Chef Amaury Guichon’s career and is also the Director of Operations of the Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon. Her global vision, passion for the arts and her marketing skills are playing an important role in Chef Amaury’s social medias as well for the Academy’s as she is the one photographing the contents shared.

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Instructor and Co-Founder

Michel Ernots

Michel Ernots was born and raised in Liège, Belgium. During his apprenticeship Ernots discovered his love, passion and dedication to pastry. It is with this dedication, Ernots worked for years to earn the title of Compagnon du Devoir.

Ernots traveled through France for many years until he was invited to work in the US.

Opportunity arose to become a pastry instructor . This is where Ernots really fell in love with teaching, and sharing his knowledge with others.

For Ernots, the partnership in Founding The Pastry Academy with Amaury Guichon goes far beyond a career. For him, this is his way to give opportunities to those budding in their new careers by sharing the same mentorship mentality that was shown to him. His commitment to inspire is what drew Guichon and Ernots together. With this passion The Pastry Academy was birthed.

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Head Instructor and Co-Founder

Amaury Guichon

Chef Amaury is a world-renowned pastry chef who has been teaching masterclasses around the world for the last seven years. Prior to realizing his passion for teaching, Chef Amaury reached executive chef level at the age of 21 at Hugo and Victor in Paris, France. Shortly after he was invited to participate in the first televised pastry competition in France where he placed 3rd. This experience gave Amaury the opportunity to make his dream of moving to the United States a reality where he was able to develop his skills, style, and techniques which quickly gave him notoriety on social media platforms. Shortly after moving to the United States Chef Amaury realized he loved interacting with people who shared his passions, and that lead to his new career in teaching masterclasses around the world. Now, Chef Amaury has decided to open a Pastry Academy where he calls home, Las Vegas, NV and is excited to share what he has to offer.

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